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What Kind of Builder is Right for You?

You are looking at building your own home – how exciting! Now to find the best home builder to suit your needs. A few things to keep in mind are: style, communication, experience, and licensing. It is always a great idea to take a look at a company’s customer reviews, and their project gallery photos. In this article we will differentiate between production builders, semi-custom builders, and custom builders.

Production Builders

Production Home Builders build communities. They own the land they are building on and use stock plans or plans developed by the real estate/building company. They usually have a model home or a series of homes on display to tour. A large number of homes are constructed each year, and these companies tend to have a say in how the community is developed with amenities such as playgrounds, trails, proximity to shopping, etc.


  • Fewer decisions to make
  • The community developer usually works closely with the builders to ensure an attractive mix of homes
  • More budget friendly option


  • Least amount of control in the design of your home
  • Cannot change the basic structure (layout of rooms or square footage)
  • Not a unique home or floor plan

Semi-Custom Builders

Semi-Custom Home Builders meet in the middle of fully custom homes and uncustomized homes. Typically Semi-Custom home builders will have a set of floor plans for you to choose from, price ranges for the amount of customization you want, and a list of special features you can approve or deny.


  • Can be built much quicker than a completely unique home since the builders are familiar with the floor plans and details
  • Price point is usually lower for semi-custom


  • Lack of total control over the design of your home
  • Homeowners cannot make the small detail decisions to make your home perfect
  • Some semi-custom builders have a very bare-bones approach to what is included and what is extra, so make sure you do your homework

Custom Builders

Custom Home Builders build you a home that you have complete control over. Every little detail (yes, every last detail) is your choice. From the floor plan creation, to the paint colors, down to the placement of electrical outlets, you are in the driver’s seat. This probably sounds overwhelming, especially if you are having a home built for the first time, but this is where your builder comes to the rescue! If you are working with a company like J&J Contractors, we will guide you through every step of the way to make your home building journey seamless.


  • Full control over all the details
  • Ending up with a unique, one-of-a-kind home
  • Everything to suit your specific needs


  • Price for a fully custom home is more expensive than a semi-custom home
  • Can take longer to build than a semi-custom home

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