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Kitchen Design Series – Countertops

Welcome back to part two of kitchen design series. As we venture into the second part of our series, we turn our focus to another fundamental aspect of kitchen design: countertops. Much like the sturdy foundation of a house, countertops provide not only functional support but also serve as a centerpiece where style meets substance. From morning coffee rituals to hosting gatherings with loved ones, our countertops witness the rhythm of daily life. Join us as we delve into the world of countertops, uncovering the perfect blend of practicality and allure that can take your kitchen to new heights. 

Choosing Kitchen Countertop Materials

Similar to cabinets, countertops involve thinking through how you function within your kitchen as well as keeping in mind the style and colors you like. Need something extremely durable and easy to maintain? Quartz, an engineered stone, is a great choice. Is a unique style more important? Natural stone countertops provide a distinctive design element.

Custom kitchen counters in a newly designed and customized kitchen

Engineered Stone Countertops

Engineered stone has become a highly popular choice over the last few years due to being low maintenance with a large amount of color options available. These countertops are heat resistant, scratch resistant, and stain resistant; so it i sure to hold up in a well loved kitchen. Consisting of natural quartz and binding resins, quartz countertops are made to last. They are available in a wide range of budgets, making it a popular choice. These countertops are also available in subtle designs to options with large contrasting veining, so there is something for everyone – no matter your style. 

Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops like granite or marble are classic choices for your countertops. One of the unique qualities of a natural stone is that no two slabs are exactly the same, adding a special characteristic to this kitchen detail. Unlike engineered stone, natural stone options are porous and require sealing, but once sealed are easy to maintain. While some granite can be budget friendly, natural stone is more expensive as a whole. Especially for slabs that have large or distinctive color movement. 

Other Affordable Countertop Options

For areas of your home you are looking to switch things up and save a bit on your budget, solid surface or laminate countertops are options to consder. They have come a long way over the years in their design. Durable, many color choices, and lower cost makes solid surface or laminate countertops nice options. 

As always, your best bet before making a countertop decision is to look at all of your options in-person. Contact J&J Custom Home’s design team and they can help walk you through all of your choices. Don’t forget to check out our full custom home building process to see how we care for you every step of the way.