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Kitchen Design Series – Plumbing

Our third and final part of our kitchen design series is plumbing. A sink and faucet is a necessary component in your kitchen design. Lots of detail goes into the layout that will provide you with the best experience when you are using your brand new kitchen. 

Choosing a Kitchen Sink

A common place to begin with plumbing is selecting the style of sink you want in your new kitchen. You can start this process by directly working with one of the designers at J&J Custom Homes and one of our trusted plumbing showroom partners.

Kitchen Sink Style

Sink setups are a personal choice as everyone preps food and dishes differently! Some may prefer one large bowl while others prefer a divider. Some may choose an undermount sink while others would love to have a farmhouse sink. We are here to help you narrow down your options.

Kitchen Sink Material

In addition to the setup selection there are a few different materials as well. Cast iron, stainless steel, and composite sinks are the most common and popular choices. The style you’re after is a big factor when choosing what to go with, but durability and price will factor in as well. Cast iron is a classic choice offering a high end look in your kitchen. Stainless steel helps provide a sleek and modern feel where composite sinks are noted for their durability and typically lower price points. 

Kitchen with a brand new kitchen sink and cupboards

Choosing a Kitchen Faucet

Faucets are another focal point in your new kitchen. There are so many beautiful options in today’s market. Black and gold tones have been the go to finishes for many years now but silver tones are making a comeback. From sleek and modern to traditional faucets, this is a great way to bring your personal style and coordinate your materials together. Pull down options are a popular choice and touchless faucets are quickly becoming widely used as well. 

kitchen sink with silver finish

Depending on your project there may be a prep sink or pot filler in addition to accessories to select from as well. 

There are many options, many decisions to make, and many factors to consider. Working with our talented J&J Custom Homes Design Team will help make this process as seamless as possible and, even better, fun! We encourage you to learn more about our custom home building process and then contact us if you have any additional questions.