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Custom Home Building Initial Consultation

Home Building Process: Step One

WI Consultants for New Home Construction

When you’re ready to build a custom home in WI, you want your personality to show through, and it should fit you like a glove. It is your dream home, after all. From the home’s custom layout to the landscaping, it should reflect your tastes and fit your lifestyle perfectly. This understanding is at the heart of the initial home building consultation at J&J Homes.

Like the custom homes we build, our clients entering into a new construction consultation are unique, with varying degrees of preparedness for this first crucial step. This means each homebuilding process is slightly different. Though our custom home building consultants are adaptable to your situation, it’s helpful for our clients to have an understanding of what we’ll cover in our first meeting.

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What to Expect During Your Custom Home Consultation

Our team will sit down with you face-to-face to learn as much as possible about you. We believe the way to be the best home builder for your needs is to know the broad strokes of  your style preferences, discover what your lifestyle demands of a home, establish a rough budget and learn the things you want to avoid in building your unique home. The initial conversation will center around discovering as much as possible about what you want in your new home so we can make the best recommendations on home design, aesthetics, layout and everything else.

Topics Covered in Our Initial Discussions

Besides general introductions to your homebuilding team and a getting-to-know you session, we’ll cover a few other homebuilding topics to get started. We certainly don’t expect our clients to have everything worked out, but having a grasp of what we’ll cover can ease the process immensely. Things we’ll cover include:

  • A bit about us – we want you to know you’re in good hands
  • An outline of our home building process – what are the steps involved and how you can prep
  • Financials – home loans, existing real estate assets
  • Locations – where do you want to live? What type of land?
  • Design styles – mid-century modern, Tudor, colonial, craftsman, Neo-classical? Let’s talk about look and feel
  • Questions and concerns – don’t hold back here! We know this can be a daunting process, we want to help you make it as easy and fun as possible

What to Bring to Your First Custom Home Building Consultation

It’s a great idea to have any of the assets you’ve gathered in your research with you when we meet. This will include:

  • Ideabook/Pictures – any visual references to give us an idea of your style and how to accommodate it. Bring pictures of homes you’ve seen, magazine clippings, Pinterest boards…whatever it is that gets your creative juices flowing.
  • Notes on your current home – What do you love about your current living space? What do you wish you had? What do you dislike about your home?
  • Floor Plans – this is not a requirement, many future custom home builders aren’t this far along yet. That’s just fine!
  • Building lot records – not required either, but if you already own a lot or have one picked out, building lot records will be helpful to bring. If you don’t have a property picked out, we’ll help!
  • Budget/financials – while it doesn’t need to be exact, a basic range will help us get the ball rolling. We can help with the rest!
  • Questions for our team – we’ll certainly have some for you!

Next Steps in the Home Building process

After we’ve covered some of the high-level details about your new construction in the initial consultation, we’ll assess your current home’s worth. The assessment includes a comparative market analysis, which will get us a better understanding of your budget. Before we move on, be sure to contact us to set an appointment!