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Kitchen Design Series – Cabinets

Welcome to 2024! We are starting a new three part series to highlight what some would argue is the most important room you will design in your new home build – the kitchen! The heart of the home, our kitchens are where life happens. We need them to hold up to both everyday messes and special moments. When choosing materials for your new kitchen we need to consider not only the functionality of everything, but style and colors are important decisions as well. Let’s take a look at some of the areas J&J Custom Home’s design team will help you pull together for your dream kitchen.

Choosing Kitchen Cabinets for a New Home

One of – if not the most – prominent details of our kitchens in the cabinets. From stained to painted, style of cabinet construction, and door and drawer front profiles – there is a lot that goes into the final product.

Custom cabinets in a brand new home build

Choosing Stained Cabinets or Painted Cabinets For Your New Kitchen

The best place to start is to decide between stained and painted cabinets. Stained cabinets will involve selecting the wood species you like as well as the stain color. Each wood species has its own set of unique characteristics and utilizing our design team’s knowledge is a great way to help narrow down your options. Painted cabinets have been popular for many years in the design world. Whether sticking with a neutral palette or selecting your favorite color, painted cabinets provide a clean, updated look to your home. Can’t decide? Choose both! We love when homeowners mix and match finishes.

Choosing the Cabinet Construction Type For Your New Kitchen

Next up is the construction of the cabinets and selection between inset, full overlay or overlay.

Inset Cabinets

Inset cabinets involve the doors and drawer fronts sitting flush with the frame of the cabinet. Often found in classic older homes, inset can also read modern and clean when pairing this style with a simple door and drawer front style.

Full Overlay Cabinets

Full overlay cabinets is when the doors and drawers front sit on top of the cabinet frame, covering most of it. This popular choice can be a bit friendlier on the budget too!

Overlay Cabinets

The last option is overlay cabinets. These are similar to full overlay cabinets, but more of the cabinet frame is visible with this construction style. Typically more traditional, this style is often the most budget conscious. 

Choosing the Door and Drawer Front Profiles For Your New Kitchen

Door and drawer front profiles are another big decision when planning your kitchen cabinets. This detail helps dictate the style of your space. Where raised panels were once the more popular choice, flat panel doors and drawers have become the main go to when designing cabinets for the most updated look. Do you like more contemporary clean lines? Slab front or shaker styles will be great choices. More traditional styling will have some design details using bevels or beading.

The best way to make these important custom cabinet decisions is to look at your options in-person. Seeing options with our J&J Custom Home’s design team is the best way to narrow down your choices!