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Home Design Trends in History

Design trends historically oscillate between ornate and organic precedents to austere and clean.

Examples include the shifts from monuments of Neoclassical Roman design to decoratively grand Gothic cathedrals, orderly and clean Renaissance works to decadent and dynamic Baroque details, and even -more recently- Art Nouveau to Art Deco and Modernist to Postmodernist. All are perfect examples of a continually evolving architectural aesthetic. As humans, we are bound to continue this trend indefinitely.

Art’s Influence on Home Architecture

Home design styles often echo the aesthetics and philosophies of the popular artistic movements of the time, borrowing from concepts expressed in other artistic mediums. From the connection of bright color usage of the late 19th century Art Nouveau & De Stijl movements with steel and glass work emblematic of the Art-Deco architectural style of the 1920s, to the abstract perspectives of Picasso’s work and geometric sensibilities of the Bauhaus movement adopted by contemporary design, art and architects are inextricably linked.

Considering the emergence of Precisionism in American modernist art as a reflection of the factories, bridges and skyscrapers of the burgeoning US metropolis, it’s fair to say that architecture also influences art!

Custom Home Design in the 21st Century

We are in a phase now, commonly known as Contemporary Design, where the simplicity of modern design is being experimented with and has produced things never before thought possible. The ideas of dreams are now real constructions as technological advancements in building practices, materials, and building information modeling software allow architects to push the limits of what’s possible.

Being in such a pivotal time affects all of us, and we are witnessing it in areas as personal as our own homes. The early 2000’s brought us bold upholstery patterns, plush wall-to-wall carpet, heavy dark woods, textured wall finishes, and rich oversaturated color schemes. Large masses and towering entrances These days, we are choosing to freshen our spaces with clean whites and neutrals, practical hard flooring, natural materials like wood and stone, open floor plans, and an overall more traditional design style. It is intriguing to wonder where these trends may take us next!

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